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Creativity, special knowledge, and ability to find interconnections when solving complicated problems underlie the Company’s ideology.

Deep understanding of responsibility for environment protection and customer liability, as well as constant control of task performance is the basic principle of our Company’s activity.

Owing to optimum organizational structure of our enterprise, we easily control the performance of complex tasks which gives us the possibility to obtain required solutions. When implementing the projects we pay special attention to quality, reliability, strict observance of contractual obligations and terms.

Our clients’ interests are of top priority, having special knowledge and experience we ensure the technically required, and, first of all, efficient, and economically reasonable solution of the assigned task.

Having significant experience, our Company renders services to industrial enterprises, oil refining companies, etc. in the sphere of design and update of mass transfer apparatuses, replacement of outdated internal plate-type units of columns with modern internal units on the basis of our Propak structured packing in compliance with TUU 29.2-30895845-005:2010. With the advantages of structured packing it is possible to control the liquid load within the range from 0.2 m3/m2h to 200 m3/m2h and higher without any difficulties, which is impossible when using plate-type columns.

Structured packing has free area in rather 98%, which allows significant change of load within the gas phase. Among the advantages of use of modern Propak packing is that while preserving the column productivity it is possible to decrease the heat load during operation which can bring additional profits to the enterprise. Moreover, the weight of all internal units after reconstruction will be half the weight as compared to internal plate-type units. These advantages give the enterprises the possibility to save on heat costs and to increase productivity up to 20% and more with concurrent flexible phase adjustment.

Our Company possesses experience and ability of design and upgrade of separation processes, installation of highly efficient modern mist eliminators (demisters), mist separators in out-of-date units, production and replacement of out-of-service foreign units with domestic analogues that possess same quality and technical specifications, and, on customer’s request, may have even higher performance index.

Equipment of our production allows to adjust the separation efficiency within the wide range up to 100%, thus to eliminate the carryover of undesired liquid drops with the steam or gas flow.

Executing the customer orders, we managed, using our separators, to get rid of liquid drops in industrial area production systems and discharge of sulfuric acid mist into the atmosphere.
With the help of mist eliminators recommended by our Company it is possible to almost completely eliminate the discharge of lye and other hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

Moreover, it should mention that use of mist eliminators helps not only to improve the performance capabilities of separators, columns, and other service units, but also to increase the scheduled repair intervals, which favorably influences the operational costs of the abovementioned equipment.

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