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Wire string demister

ОКP 36 8953 0004, ОКP 36 8953, TU 26-02-1109-89Wire string demister

Drip eliminators are designed for oil degassing and associated gas purification in gathering and preparation of oil field products, as well as in other technologies for separating air and gas from liquids, cleaning flue gases and gas emissions.

Drip eliminators are produced in 2 types - string and mesh - from various materials to remove drops of liquids, acids from air, gas and steam (smoke) streams.

In addition, drop eliminators can be used as remote devices in which the trapped liquid does not accumulate, but is immediately discharged into a lower-located container.

Wire string demisterDrip eliminators are used for additional separation of the gas flow,released from the main oil and gas separator, and provide the final purification of gas from dropping liquid, which can rise and exit with the gas flow from the main apparatus as a result of foaming or temporary disruption of the technological regime.

Separating elements are used in drop eliminators: stringdrop eliminators, mesh sleeve-knitted nozzles. Remote drop eliminators provide entrainment of drop liquid no more than 30 mg/m3 of gas.

Special material design allows the use of remotedrop eliminators for gases containing aggressive media: carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Are used in:

- Gas-and-oil producing, gas-and-oil treatment, petrochemical, chemical industry
- Metallurgic, power industry


Options KS 430 KSU 430
Efficiency of separation g/nm3, no more 0,1 0,1
Hydraulic resistance MPа, no more 1,0*10-3 1,0*10-3
The number of layers of strings along the gas (pieces) from 28 to 32 from 28 to 32
Material execution wire AISI321 AISI321
Material of execution of corps AISI409 AISI321
The thickness of the wire 0,45; 0,5; 0,55 0,45; 0,5; 0,55
Weight kg, no more 10 10










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