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Spare parts and accessories for EVN submersible electric centrifugal pumps

The ESP (electric centrifugal pump) is the key element of the submersible pump that lifts fluid from the well to the surface. Electric centrifugal submersible pumps have significant advantages over rod submersible pumps, namely:

  • Simplicity of ground equipment;
  • Ability to withdraw fluid from wells up to 1600 m3/day;
  • Can be used in wells over 3000 metres deep;
  • Long (from 500 days to 2-3 years and more) workover period;
  • Possibility of conducting surveys in wells without lifting pumping equipment;
  • Less labour-intensive methods of removing paraffin from the walls of tubing;

The main characteristics of the EWN are:

  • pressure;
  • flow (flow rate);
  • power consumption;

The EHS consists of sections, which in turn consist of stages (guide devices) and a large number of impellers assembled on a shaft and enclosed in a steel casing (pipe).

The stages are assembled in sections, with the movable part being the impellers rigidly fixed to the pump shaft, and the fixed part being the guide devices assembled into a single housing assembly.

The shaft is machined from corrosion-resistant heat-resistant cryogenic steel OZH14N7V, the guide rails and impellers are cast from modified cast iron TsN16D71KhSh or polyamide, grey cast iron in corrosion-resistant and conventional versions, respectively.

The check valve, mounted in a separate pump module - the head - prevents reverse rotation and facilitates the start-up of the unit. A smaller safety unit, the drain valve, is screwed into its housing. Electric centrifugal submersible pumps can be used in deep and inclined oil wells (even horizontal wells), heavily watered wells, wells with iodine-bromide water, wells with high salinity of formation water, and for lifting salt and acid solutions.











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