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Knitted wire mesh

One of the main products of the Company is the knitted wire mesh (SRP, SRG, SRGM) woven of stainless steel wire AISI 321, 316 Ti, in compliance with technical requirements TU U 28.7-30895845.001-2001 developed by our Company and approved by the State Standard of Ukraine, and the Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center. Our products are successfully used by the leading enterprises operating in gas-and-oil and chemical industry.

Knitted wire mesh

The mesh is a component for demister blankets in technological units of flame arresters, filters, and is used as a packing.
The mesh is intended for separation of carried liquid from steam (gas) flow in rectifying, adsorbing, steam-stripping and other columns, as well as in separators, scrubbers, dust extractors, filters, moisture eliminators, and many other devices.

Knitted wire meshSRP mesh is produced by means of smooth coulier weaving without longitudinal joint (in the form of a sleeve). Unlike woven materials, the plaited mesh consists of uniform and continuous row of eyes which interweave in the tube form. The mesh eyes are extremely resistant to compressive and tension loads. Each eye moves freely in three directions, thus ensuring bidirectional spreading. The eye itself may function as a small spring when exposed to tension or compression, and immediately restore its original shape as soon as the tension is released. This results in extraordinary flexibility and strength of the mesh.

Besides SRP, our Company produces corrugated mesh SRG, profiled on rolls with herringbone gearing which ensured higher strength and bulking power (as shown in figure to the left). The corrugations height: 9(+/-1) mm, distance between corrugations: 17 (+/-2) mm.

Knitted wire meshOur Company serially produces modernized corrugated meshes (SRGM) 190-570 mm wide and wider. Use of SRGM meshes in demister blankets (mist eliminators) and filters allows to minimize the labor expenditures, and due to the fact that the width of the mesh produced may fit the segment sizes, the high assembly quality is achieved. The improved structure allows to uniformly distribute the operating flow throughout the column volume, which significantly improves the characteristics of technological units in general.

Production of demister blankets in compliance with OST 26-02-2016 using regular knitted wire mesh (SRP, SRG 95 +/-5 mm wide) resulted in large material and production costs. High quality was not always achieved, and the separation degree, after some time, variated within 93-96% range. Because of uneven placing of the mesh, the local blockage of demister took place soon, which resulted in extremely increased pressure difference in these areas, and, as a result, flow inrush and early equipment stoppage for repair needs

Knitted wire mesh

Demister blankets using SRGM mesh, due to structurally new type and method of laying, are free of disadvantages present in mist eliminators using SRP and SRG mesh, and their operation time (depending of the environment) has been increased by 1.4-1.8 times.

In addition to meshes mentioned above, we produce the mesh in the form of combinations of: two wires, wire and lavsan thread, etc. When two materials are combined, the steel wire serves as a support (base) ensuring strength and shape.

The main advantage of a mesh is that it may be used in cases when the filter material shall be extremely resistant to aggressive loads. Reliable corrosion resistance, mechanical and thermal shocks, elasticity, resistance to high vibrations and temperatures, resistance to destructive gases, dirty, oily and other extreme conditions – this is not the complete list of our mesh advantages.

DEMISTERDiverse use of meshes allows production of both plane and three-dimensional filters, as well as demister blankets with wide range of separation and filtration degree.











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