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Pipe Elevators

Are applied with elevators for pipes with a diameter: 33 mm, 33V, 48mm, 48V, 60mm, 60V, 73mm, 73V, 9mm. (B - with blown ends).

Interchangeable grips allow one elevator to perform tripping operations with pipes of several sizes.


Pipe Elevators

Replaceable inserts (fixa grips) EZN:

Pipe Elevators

Interchangeable grippers (inserts) are used with ESP elevators for pipes diameter: 60mm, 60V, 73mm, 73V, 89mm. (B - with blown ends).

Interchangeable grippers allow one elevator to perform tripping operations with pipes of several standard sizes.

Pipe elevators are designed to be gripped by a coupling or lock and holding on the weight of strings of tubing or drill pipes according to GOST 63380 and GOST 63175 in the process of tripping operations both with vertical installation of pipes, and with their laying on bridges during oil development and repair. and gas wells. They are used in temperate and cold macroclimatic regions according to GOST 16350-80.

ETA elevator consists of the following main parts and assembly units: body; earrings; interchangeable grippers for different pipe diameters; guides; locking device, which is a rotary handle with a spring lock and a lever. The body of the ETA elevator is a cast part with an internal bore for mounting a gripper with a pipe. The body is articulated behind the ears, with the help of fingers, with an earring that serves to suspend the elevator on the hook of the traveling system. On the back side, to the elevator body, with the help of balls filling the grooves of the body and the handle sleeve, the rotary handle of the locking device is attached. ETA elevator clamp serves as a pipe clamp by the coupling. A suitable grip is provided for each pipe diameter. The grip consists of the right and left jaws, a rod, pivotally connected to each other by a finger. The locking device is a handle with a spring retainer installed in it and a spring pressed by the lever. The guides provide synchronous opening of the jaws of the gripper when gripping the pipe and limit the extension of the gripper from the elevator body.











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