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Demister, Mist Eliminator

Our company manufactures drop eliminators (mesh fenders, Demister, Mist Eliminator), both of our own invention, and fenders that comply with current standards, OSTs and technical specifications of domestic and foreign.

Demister, Mist EliminatorThe drop eliminators produced by us consist of a frame structure made of stainless steel sheet and a separating element consisting of a knitted mesh of the SRGM, SRG, SRP type according to TU U 28.7-30895845.001-2001, made of stainless steel AISI 321, 316Ti or any other brand according to customer's requirement. For ease of installation through the hatch of the technological apparatus, the bumper is made of segments with dimensions of 220 - 500 mm. The dimensions of the segments provide an exact match with the supporting beams to ensure the convenience and quality of the assembly of the fender inside the apparatus, since The key to high-quality separation during operation will be a high-quality assembly with a uniform distribution of mesh density over the entire working area without defects in the form of holes, crumples and damage to the mesh geometry.

Demister, Mist Eliminator

Knitted mesh such as SRGM, SRG, SRP, are unique in their mechanical properties, which makes it possible to regulate the performance characteristics of the separating part of the fender over a wide range.
The effectiveness of the mesh is expressed in the fact that in the separators and In other column apparatuses, the structure of the assembled filter block creates a large number of obstacles on the winding path of the gas-vapor flow, as a result, a high contact surface area is created for collecting liquid and impurities.

The scattered droplets moving in the flow are too small to be separated by a simple gravitational adjustment, therefore, it is necessary to create a path that would allow the separation of unwanted impurities from the moving stream. This way is possible only due to the use of fenders (drop eliminators) made using a woven sleeve mesh. 

Demister, Mist Eliminator

Passing through the interweaving of thousands of wires, the smallest drops are collected and combined into large drops, which are then effectively removed from the stream. In addition, the "tortuous path" of the design results in a greater ability to retain dirt without overall blockage. And finally, and most importantly, the whole process is accompanied by a minimum pressure drop in the apparatus, while maintaining a high degree of delay.

Our mesh eliminators (drip eliminators, Demister, Mist Eliminator) provide a high degree of separation of 99.9%, trapping small drops of liquid and impurities with a size of 1 micron and more. The use of various wire diameters (from 0.16 to 0.3 mm.) in the manufacture of mesh, as well as the packing density in the nozzle, allows you to adjust the specific surface area in the range from 150 - 800 m² / m³.

The characteristics of the fenders are regulated by the selection method:

Demister, Mist Eliminator

1. Mesh type;
2. Stacking density;
3. Stacking configurations.

After analyzing the process of interaction of flows inside the apparatus, we recommend installing prefabricated drip trays on the lower part of the frame structure of the fender, as shown in the figure. This minor revision will reduce the resistance of the main working flow with the oncoming falling flow of enlarged droplets and win on the performance of the device, especially at high speeds.

Installation and maintenance instructions for mesh fenders (Quality Assurance).

Demister, Mist Eliminator Mesh fenders (drip eliminators) for ease of installation through the hatch are made of segments that ensure an exact match with the supporting beams inside the process apparatus.

When positioning the segments, it is important to fit the segments evenly, without deformations, tightly to each other, not clogging, but carefully installing, and if necessary, using a thin sheet of metal or plywood of the required width for easy installation (remove later).

Even minor damage to the free volume of the grid can significantly reduce separation efficiency. It is strictly forbidden for workers to walk on already installed segments. In order to prevent critical damage to the volume of the fender, use cross beams in the apparatus that are securely fastened to the walls.

Our company provides services to industrial enterprises in the design and installation of mesh fenders, flame arresters, as well as in the manufacture and replacement of failed foreign ones with those of our production, which are not inferior in quality and performance.

Mesh fenders produced by us allow to regulate the separation efficiency over a wide range of more than 99.5%, thereby eliminating the entrainment of unwanted liquid drops in the working stream of steam, gas.

Together with design institutes, design bureaus of industrial enterprises, we managed, using our baffle, to get rid of liquid droplets in industrial air production systems.

Using a mesh fender recommended by our company, emissions of lye and other harmful substances into the atmosphere, which are extremely harmful to the environment will be almost completely eliminated.

In addition to all of the above, we note that due to the features of our fenders, not only the performance of separators, columns and other technological devices has been significantly improved but also the operating time between scheduled repairs has increased, which positively affects the economic costs of operating the above equipment.











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