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Demister, Mist Eliminator

Our Company produces mist eliminators (demister blankets, demisters) invented by our experts, and complying withexisting the foreign and domestic standards and technical requirements.

Demister, Mist EliminatorMist eliminators of our production consist of frame structure made of sheet stainless steel AISI 321 (304) and a separating element consisting of a mesh of SRGM, SRG, SRP type according to TU U 28.7­30895845.001-2001 standard, made of AISI 321, 316Ti or any other customer-specified stainless steel wire. In order to facilitate the installation through apparatus hole, the mist eliminator is made of segments 220-500 mm each. The size of segments accurately matches the supporting beams, which ensures easy and high-quality assembly of demister inside the apparatus, since the high-quality assembly with uniform distribution of mesh density across the operating area without any defects such as holes, crumplings or damaged geometry of the mesh, is an essential condition of high-quality separation.

Demister, Mist Eliminator

The meshes of SRGM, SRG, SRP type possess unique mechanical properties, which allows the wide-range adjustment of operating characteristics of the demister separation unit.
The efficiency of mesh use is expressed in that in separators and other column units the structure of filtering block creates a large number of obstacles along the twisting path of gas-steam flow, which creates the large contact surface where the liquid and contaminating impurities may accumulate.

Dispersed drops within the flow are too small to be separated with the help of simple gravitational adjustment, thus, it is necessary to create a path which will give the possibility to separate undesired impurities from the flow. The creation of such path is possible only with the help of demisters (mist eliminators) containing knitted wire meshes.

Demister, Mist Eliminator

Going through thousands of wires the smallest drops are accumulated and consolidated into larger ones, and then are effectively separated from the flow. Besides, the "twisting path" of the structure results in higher dirt retention capacity without general blocking. And, finally, the most important: the whole process involves the minimum pressure drop inside the apparatus while preserving the high retention degree.

Our mist eliminators (demisters) ensure the high-degree separation of 99.9%, catching of small drops and impurities sized 1 mcr. and larger. Use of wire of various diameter (from 0.16 to 0.3 mm), as well as the laying density inside the packing gives the possibility to adjust the specific surface within 150 – 800 m²/m³.

Demister specifications depend on:

Demister, Mist Eliminator

1. Mesh type;
2. Laying density;
3. Laying configuration;

Having analyzed the interaction of flows inside the apparatus, we recommend to install the collecting trays for drops in the lower part of demister structure, as shown in figure. This insignificant improvement will give the possibility to decrease the resistance of the main operating flow with the counter incident flow of consolidated drops, and to increase the performance capability of apparatus, especially under high velocity conditions.

Demister Installation and Service Instructions (Quality Assurance). .

Demister, Mist EliminatorIn order to facilitate the installation through apparatus hole, demisters (mist eliminators) are made of segments accurately matching the supporting beams inside the apparatus.

When placing the segments it is important to uniformly, without any deformations, adjust the segments to each other, not to hammer, but to place carefully, and, if needed, to use a thin metal or veneer sheet of required width (remove it later).

Even insignificant damages of the mesh free space may seriously decrease of separation efficiency. The workers under no conditions should step on the installed segments. In order to prevent the critical damage of demister space, use transverse beams securely attached to the walls of apparatus.











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