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Flame filter

Using the advantages of SRP, SRG, and SRGM mesh, we used it as a packing in flame arresters (flame filters) in order to prevent the penetration of gas and flame mixture into the pipeline.

Flame filters are successfully used by gas-and-oil treatment companies in Ukraine.

Flame filter Flame filter Flame filter
Flame filter Flame filter Flame filter

Acoustic absorber

Acoustic absorber

The woven mesh has found its application in industrial sound absorbers. The essence of sound absorption lies in the fact that when the energy flow hits a mesh of woven metal wire, it is dissected creating a damping effect and causing the wire to vibrate.

Vibration causes "warmth" - (transformation of acoustic energy into heat). Due to its specific structure, woven wire mesh has proven to be exceptionally effective at absorbing high energy sound. The mesh structure feature combines three approaches to attenuate high sound levels - acting as a reflection barrier, as a vibration damper, and as a sound absorber.

I would also like to note the fact that due to the use of a sleeve mesh in sound absorbers, the pressure drop during operation is minimal.

Acoustic absorber










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