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Shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screen

Our Company produces shale shaker screens for foreign and domestic vibration systems in compliance with TU U 28.7-30895845-002-2004 standard developed by our company. Shale shaker screens are designed for vibration systems VS-1, VS-2, SV-1L, LVS, etc. including foreign ones used for fine and coarse treatment of solutions in gas-and-oil producing, chemical, mining, and metallurgic industry.

Shale shaker screen

Structurally shale shaker screens may consist of one or several layers of knitted mesh made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т (08Х18Н10Т) in compliance with GOST 3826 standard or other regulatory documents with the size of filtering mesh eye from 0.05 to 3.5 mm. On the customer’ request, use of other meshes including meshes with protective coating is possible.

Shale shaker screen

Landing strips (locks) of sieve cassettes are made of sheet metal according to GOST 1050 with a thickness of 0.5 - 1.0 mm. or from other materials, both coated and uncoated at the request of customers. The most common landing strips are type - P and type - L. The basis for the production of multilayer cassettes is the sintering of two or more metal woven meshes through a plastic (GOST 10354), polyamide or polyvinyl chloride (GOST 16272) mesh. A mesh with a larger mesh acts as a reinforcing substrate, and a fine mesh mesh acts as a filter element. Also at the request of customers, it is possible to manufacture cassettes with an additional sub-filter layer of woven
mesh and plastic.

The use of multilayer cassettes allows you to increase the service life sieve cassette compared to a conventional single-layer. In this case, the reduction in screening capacity due to the use of a plastic mesh for soldering is compensated by the use of a filter mesh with a reduced wire diameter. In
addition, three-layer cassettes have self-cleaning properties due to the limited movement of the webs of the layers of se current relative to each other. Production experience and positive feedback from our customers both in Ukraine and abroad speak of the high quality of our sieve cassettes.

When placing an order for the manufacture of the most accurate analogue cassettes in accordance with our specifications, you should indicate the desired number of mesh layers, type of lock, fit dimensions, mesh size in the light of the filter layer of the mesh, type of vibrating screen with manufacturer and model, marking of the original cassette (mesh) for manufacturing.

Table of mesh sizes shale shaker screen foreign and domestic standards

mesh/inch Wire diameter, mm Mesh eye, mm mesh/inch Wire diameter, mm Mesh eye, mm
8 mesh 0.60 2.575 60 mesh 0.15 0.273
10 mesh 0.55 1.990 70 mesh 0.14 0.223
12 mesh 0.50 1.616 80 mesh 0.12 0.198
14 mesh 0.45 1.362 90 mesh 0.11 0.172
16 mesh 0.40 1.188 100 mesh 0.10 0.154
18 mesh 0.35 1.060 120 mesh 0.08 0.132
20 mesh 0.30 0.970 140 mesh 0.07 0.111
26 mesh 0.28 0.696 150 mesh 0.065 0.104
30 mesh  0.25 0.596 160 mesh 0.065 0.094
40 mesh 0.21 0.425 180 mesh 0.053 0.088
50 mesh 0.19 0.318 200 mesh 0.053 0.074










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