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Packing Panchenkova

SRP, SRG - is a smooth or corrugated sleeve wire mesh, twisted into a roll and inserted into the drawer (pipe) of distillation columns.

The mesh is made of stainless or copper wire, of different diameters, using the method of smooth, weaving without a longitudinal seam (in the form of a sleeve). The mesh consists of a uniform and continuous row of loops that are interlaced on a tubular form. The hinges in the mesh are very resistant to compression and tension loads.

Packing Panchenkova

Each hinge moves freely in three directions, thus providing a two-way draft. The loop separately acts as a small spring when subjected to stress or compression and immediately returns to its original shape when the stress is removed. Thus, this leads to unusual flexibility and resilience of the finished mesh.

In addition to SRP, our company produces corrugated mesh SRG, SRGM profiled on rollers to provide even greater elasticity and volume (as shown in the figure on the left). The height of the corrugations is 9 (+/-1) mm the distance between the corrugations is 17 (+/-2) mm.

The principle of operation of the Panchenkov nozzle:

The grid is installed directly into the column. The alcohol vapor coming from the distillation cube passes through this nozzle and is partially condensed. The efficiency of the device increases several times. Sivuha, being a high-boiling liquid, condenses, flows back into the initial container and again participates in the distillation process. This process continues continuously. The drawer, together with the nozzle, does not lower the temperature until the alcohol condenses, so the vapors, moving further, reach the refrigerator.

Advantages of nozzles made of sleeve nets:

relatively high efficiency of separation of alcohol-containing mixtures into separate fractions (good purification);

ease of operation (cleaning and replacement) at home;

durability, low cost and availability;

in practice, Panchenkov's on-load tap-changer showed high efficiency in home distillers with a drawer and household distillation columns.

Packing Panchenkova











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